I was a kid when my maternal grandfather decided to leave the city and move to the countryside. 

Although the place was desolate and melancholy, he fell in love with it.

He began to work with love for it, making it unique,  and that cold little house

seemed to change every time we went there.

Over time, we grew to love the house and we were charmed by the dedication he had towards

something that was so simple, but seemed so majestic to his eyes. 

Every photo and everything in the house reminds me of my marvellous childhood with my relatives ❤.  

For 20 years we ate around the long table under the patio and every day we were there was a holiday. 

It was our nest,  a shelter from the cold city life

But time flew by,  we grew up and my grandfather passed away.  Life suddenly changed. 

We seldom went back to the house because everyone was busy with their own life, 

and our nest seemed to be withering away. 


We wanted to bring the house back to life and share it with others families

who could create their own memories there

My grandfather's name was Vasco Luschi.  In honor to him and his beautiful land full of olive trees,

we named the house "L'uliveta del Luschi!"